VAVRS History:
"Diamond Reflections" a book regarding the first 75 years of the Virginia Association of Volunteer Rescue Squads is now available from the VAVRS Office by calling the VAVRS Office at 800-833-0602 - The more than 250 page hardback book has chapters about our history, our Past Presidents, Life Members, Hall of Fame members, VAVRS/AVAVRS/VAJVRS officers, State Conventions, Rescue College, and much more. For only $30.00 plus $5.00 shipping, you can own your own copy of this beautiful documentation of 75 years of the VAVRS.

Below are links to PDF files of each chapter of Diamond Reflections

Brief Chronological History of the VAVRS

Past Presidents of the VAVRS

Life Members and Hall of Fame Members

Life Members 2021 Edition

VAVRS Officers by year

Alphabetical Listings of Officers

State Conferences

Rescue College


Junior Association

VAVRS Life Member Photos

Virginia Life Saving and Rescue Hall of Fame

AVAVRS Past President Biographies


Order your personal copy today by contacting the State Office at (804)-749-8191 or by email.