About Us

General Infomation:
The VAVRS is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization with an extensive history of assisting and advocating for EMS agencies in Virginia since 1935. Today we represent over 300 agencies with approximately 20,000 members. We are dedicated to meeting the ever-changing demands of emergency medical responders from all backgrounds and experiences. We provide high quality training and a collaborative environment for all emergency medical responders.

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 279, Oilville, VA 23129
Physical Address: 2535 Turkey Creek Rd, Oilville, VA 23129
P: (804) 749-8191
F: (804-749-8910)

Mission Statement:
"The VAVRS shall promote and assist member rescue squads in improving pre-hospital care in Virginia."
Pre-hospital care shall mean providing rescue functions and rendering of emergency care for patients outside the hospital.
The VAVRS shall help its members improve pre-hospital care by:
  • Providing training to it members.
  • Improving communications and liaisons between agencies.
  • Promoting legislation beneficial to pre-hospital providers.
  • Providing management and assistance services.
  • Promoting and recognizing pre-hospital providers.
Volunteer Opportunities:
In order to ensure coverage of EMS calls, volunteer members commit to a block of time based on their availability. Our members are a wide variety of agencies that operate 24/7/365 and must have coverage all day, every day of the year, including weekends and holidays. In addition to emergency medical services, some of our volunteer member agencies provide a variety of technical rescue disciplines.

Interested in volunteering with your local EMS agency? Contact the VAVRS State Office at (804)-749-8191 or by email for further assistance on how to get started.  

Become a VAVRS Members:
We offer the following membership types Agency Membership, Supporting Membership without Training, Supporting Membership with Training, and Individual Membership. 

Some of the benifits of joining VAVRS include:
  • The VAVRS offers a wide variety of free training, taught by highly-qualified instructors, that is ever-evolving to meet the needs of EMS providers. 
  • Members receive a reduced rate for Rescue College, a multi-day event filled with education, social activities, and networking opportunities. 
  • The VAVRS cultivates connections and partnerships between EMS providers and allows for networking at meetings and trainings. 
  • The VAVRS also shapes effective leaders through leadership training and leadership opportunities.
  • The VAVRS monitors and works to optimize new or changing laws and regulations affecting Virginia's emergency medical responders.
  • The VAVRS values education and allows members the opportunity to apply for a variety of scholarships to further their education. 
  • The VAVRS has highly skilled and trained Office Staff available to answer a wide variety of questions and concerns. 
  • The VAVRS publishes a magazine quarterly, the Virginia Lifeline that spotlights various agencies and members across the Commonwealth. 
  • The VAVRS has an extensive history of assisting and advocating for EMS agencies in Virginia since 1935 and is recognized across the Commonwealth. 
  • Members are given the opportunity to enroll in our death benefit plan.