Frequently asked questions:
I am an EVOC Instructor, when does my credential expire? 
December 31, 2024 - On January 1, 2021 the Training Committee and VAVRS Board of Directors approved a change in instructor credentialing that created a "hard reset" of all instructor's certifications.  Instructor credentials for all VAVRS instructors expire December 31, 2024.

What am I required to do to renew my EVOC Instructor certification?
Every VAVRS Instructor, including EVOC Instructors, must attend one update during their 3 year certification and serve as a lead instructor or assistant instructor for 3 courses.

Will there be instructor updates offered at the District level by EVOC Instructor Trainers?
That is the plan as well as annual on-line updates.  Instructors are required to attend one every three years but are welcome to attend as many as they wish.  
Material required for each student to attend classroom:

EVOC Student Manual

Virginia Criminal Law Manual

Description:  The Emergency Vehicle Operator Course (EVOC) is patterned after the State Office of Transportation Safety EVOC guide. The course emphasizes safe driving skills. Additionally, the course gives you (the emergency driver) all the vehicle codes of Virginia which will affect you. This course is designed to help reduce the number of crashes involving emergency vehicles. The course includes classroom and driving range skills.
Upon completion of the VAVRS EVOC course, five points can be added to the driver s record in the Commonwealth of Virginia. This point system for your license is allowed only once every two (2) years.
Note: A current edition of the EVOC textbook is required by each student taking this course - cost of textbook for students is $5.00.  The textbook can be downloaded from the VAVRS Website at no cost.  Students may use to review before and or during the class on their own electronic device, however, please be aware not all training sites have internet access.

Course Hours:  16

Refresher Hours:   4 classroom and 4 hours practical (practical hours may be waived with submission of a Certificate of Driving Experience Form approved by Lead Instructor)

Basic Course Prerequisites: 
  • Minimum of 18 years of age first day of course
  • Valid operator’s license
  • Affiliated or have pending affiliation with an Emergency Services Organization

Instructor Course Prerequisites: 
  • 21 years of age or older
  • Hold valid and current VAVRS or VDFP EVOC certification
  • Be certified in basic EVOC for at least one year
  • Have successfully completed the EVOC pre-test with a score of 80
  • Active first responder for at least three (3) years
  • A member of a VAVRS Agency or a VAVRS Individual Member
  • Maintain a current Virginia Operator’s License**
  • Submit a copy of their Virginia driving record not more than 30 days prior to course
**Any EVOC instructor who has their operator’s license revoked, suspended, or limited for ANY period of time MUST IMMEDIATELY notify the VAVRS Training Officer.  The instructor will IMMEDIATELY stop teaching and participating in all EVOC classes and contests within the VAVRS until issues are investigated by the VAVRS Training Officer or their appointee and reviewed by the VAVRS Executive Committee.
reviewed by the VAVRS Executive Committee.

NHTSA Large Truck Traffic Safety Facts
Certificate of Driving Experience Form
VAOEMS Regarding EVOC Course Equivalents as of 05/08/18

2022 VAVRS EVOC Instructor Update Information:


2022 Updates will be scheduled as soon as that informatin is available-instructors will be notified by email - please check back for more information.
You can obtain Category 2 Continuing Education hours for your students if they have a Virginia EMS Certification.  The procedure is as follows:

Any VAVRS Instructor teaching any of our programs and wish to award CATEGORY 2 continuing education credit can apply for a “Special Instructor Status” by reaching out to Tracie Jones ( tracie.jones@vdh.virginia.gov ).

Instructors are responsible for applying for courses online, uploading CE electronically and correcting errors.  This will require the purchase or make use of a 2D barcode scanner in order to make use of the Virginia CE Scanner Application.
All of this will be explained within the packet that Tracie Jones will send to you.

Instructor Material - Updated - 03-12-21

EVOC Student Manual

Virginia Criminal Law Manual

EVOC Lesson Plans

EVOC PowerPoints

Reference Material

VAVRS Training Brochure

National Safety Culture Change Iniative Brochure

Alive on Arrival Brochure

Virginia DMV Driving Manual
If you have questions contact an EVOC Course Coordinator
VAVRS EVOC Course Coordinators
E. B. "Bubby" Bish, Jr.
920 Dogwood Drive
Colonial Heights, VA 23834

Gary Dalton
P O Box 522
202B Southridge Court
Woodstock, VA 22664

VAVRS EVOC Instructor Trainers
District 1
Ronnie Slough
49 Bedford Rd.
Buena Vista, Va. 24416


District 2
Doug Eberhardt
902 Matthew Thornton Drive
Williamsburg, VA    23188

District 3
Kenneth Frenier
212 Spring Drive
Colonial Heights, VA  23834

District 5
James W. Fontaine
189 Crestwood Drive
Madison Heights, VA 24572

District 6
Mike Smoot
1476 Ashbourne Drive
Lynchburg, VA 24501

District 7
Rickey Hodge
7900 Wood Haven Rd
Roanoke VA 24019

District 9
Curtis Crawford
P O Box 1371
Saltville, VA  24370
(276) 685-8644


District 10
Kevin Dillard
1170 International Parkway
Fredericksburg, VA  22406