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The main function of any Auxiliary is to assist and support their local squad in any way they can.  This may be fund-raising, cleaning the building, feeding them before their meetings, supplying them with cravats, etc.  The AVAVRS brings those Auxiliaries together to share resources and experiences.  The AVAVRS has 6 Districts throughout the State.  Each District elects its own officers and holds District meetings.
You might think why I would be interested in joining an Auxiliary of the Virginia Association of Volunteer Rescue Squads (VAVRS)? I would like to share with you why I joined my Auxiliary.
My name is Fay Browning, President of the AVAVRS. I joined Henrico Volunteer Rescue Squad Auxiliary in 1985.  Before that, I had been a member of a Fire Department Auxiliary and was familiar with all of the activities that existed in an Auxiliary.  I have participated in all of the areas of my local Auxiliary, as well as on the District level, and State level.  I now serve as the AVAVRS President.
Joining an Auxiliary is an avenue to support and assist your squad and community, as well as socialize and develop a new group of friends.  It is also a learning experience of working with others for a common goal.  I always enjoy our monthly meetings of taking care of business and then socializing among our members and learning what is new with them.  We usually get an update from our Squad President on their needs and respond as best we can.  Being an Auxiliary member gives you an opportunity to obtain a wealth of information that can be shared and enhanced if you join the AVAVRS.  It also allows you to grow in leadership along the way.
Auxiliaries are a much needed arm of a squad and can do activities your squad does not have time to do.  They can be an asset by offering many community services, such as teaching CPR and First Aid classes; distributing safety literature; providing health screenings, blood drives, and sponsoring community service to the needy and homeless.  The list goes on and on, but that’s what we do—helping those in our community through volunteering.
Some of our members still ride calls, dispatch calls, help the squad with administrative work, building maintenance, refreshments or dinners before meetings, and honor them during EMS week in various ways. 
The objectives of the AVAVRS are:  to render any and all assistance to the VAVRS; to be affiliated with the VAVRS, but remain an independent organization; and to increase the efficiency of members through education, personal contact, and participation in the VAVRS Annual Convention.  Through our Districts, we promote fellowship; exchange ideas; and promote emergency training and competition.
We encourage Auxiliaries to attend District meetings and State meetings.  It is a way to learn through idea sharing and fellowship.  It broadens your horizons on what is going on among other Auxiliaries across the State.  We have an EMT Quiz at each District meeting if you want to keep up on your EMT knowledge and skills.  Each Auxiliary in a District is asked to host a District meeting by providing a meal. This may allow you to show off your culinary skills.  We feel there is something in the AVAVRS for everyone.  
Some of our other perks as a member of the AVAVRS are:  Attendance at the Annual 3-day Convention of the VAVRS usually held in early fall and includes:  Business Meetings; Educational Seminars; EMT Competition; Scrapbook Competition; Emergency Care Promotional Awards; Membership Meeting with Memorial Service; Other Social Events in the evenings; and the VAVRS Memorial Service/AVAVRS/VAVRS/VAJVRS Officers Installations and Contest Winners for the various contests offered at the Convention; the VAVRS Camporee in the Spring; VAVRS Rescue College at Virginia Tech offers Auxiliary Management Classes in June of each year; and the Annual EMS Memorial Service to commemorate the fallen among us.
We also offer a Death Benefit Plan for a small fee for members which provides a minimal insurance payment to the beneficiary of a deceased member of the VAVRS, AVAVRS, and VAJVRS.  
The AVAVRS feels “A small group can accomplish many things, but an organized group achieves great things!”  That’s why we want your Auxiliary to be a part of our AVAVRS. We need you to keep the volunteer movement alive.  It is a rewarding experience.